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Bernardino Luini. Catalogo generale delle opere

A cura di Cristina Quattrini.
Torino, 2020; cartonato, pp. 544, ill. b/n, tavv. b/n e col., cm 22x31,5.
(Archivi di Arte Antica).

prezzo di copertina: € 160.00

Bernardino Luini. Catalogo generale delle opere

Costo totale: € 160.00 € 840.00 aggiungi al carrello carrello

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Dosso Dossi (1489-1542). La Pittura a Ferrara negli Anni del Ducato di Alfonso I

A cura di Romani V. e Pattanaro A.
Cittadella, 1995; 2 voll., br. in cofanetto, pp. 1500, ill. b/n e col., cm 25x34.
(Università di Padova. Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti Visive e della Musica. Pittura del Rinascimento nell'Italia Settentrionale. 1).

OMAGGIO (prezzo di copertina: € 680.00)

Dosso Dossi (1489-1542). La Pittura a Ferrara negli Anni del Ducato di Alfonso I


Mattia Preti. The Triumphant Manner. With a catalogue his works in Malta

Midsea Books

Testo Inglese.
Sta Venera, 2012; ril. in tela, pp. 480, ill. b/n e col., tavv., cm 24x30.

ISBN: 99932-7-407-0 - EAN13: 9789993274070

Soggetto: Pittura e Disegno - Monografie

Periodo: 1400-1800 (XV-XVIII) Rinascimento

Testo in: testo in  inglese  

Peso: 3.47 kg

2013 will mark the 400th anniversary of the birth of the artist Mattia Preti (1613-1699), who spent forty years of his working life in Malta. Midsea Books, in collaboration with the Department of History of Art at the University of Malta, are working together to publish an outstanding book that discusses critically the artist's oeuvre in Malta. Research for this superb book is co-ordinated by Professor Keith Sciberras, who is also the author of the two critical essays which compose the first part of the book. Over 150 catalogue entries are co-authored by Professor Sciberras and Ms Jessica Borg M.A. The book will include over 270 paintings. The images of the paintings in Malta are being taken purposely for this book by master photographer Mr Joe P. Borg. Born in Taverna, Calabria, in 1613, Mattia Preti emerged as a leading exponent of the forceful Baroque of mid-17th century Italy,working in a tradition which brilliantly captured the characteristics of monumental dynamism and theatrical appeal. An extraordinary draughtsman and painterly virtuoso, he was quick with his brush and produced hundreds of pictures which spanned a career of some seventy years. His life-story can be easily and neatly divided in an early training and first maturity in Rome, his mid-years in Naples, and the nearly four decades that he spent on Malta between 1661 and his death in 1699. An artist-knight, his life was also conditioned by his membership in the chivalric Order of St John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, and Malta. Preti's works for St John's Conventual Church inspired a major transformation within the church. The Baroque re-decoration programme which Preti was to direct transformed the interior of the Conventual Church into one of the most important nodes of Baroque art South of Rome. Preti was to assume responsibility of painting the entire ceiling and many altar paintings and lunettes. Moreover, he produced designs for the carved decoration that spread throughout the church walls, the inlaid marble slabs for the flooring and ephemera. Preti's residency on the island did not go unnoticed and his circle of admirers grew beyond the circle of the Knights of Malta. The church and private patrons were attracted to his work. Owning a painting by the artist grew to become a desideratum. The artist's technique and method of painting fast and he could rapidly execute large scale works. His inventive genius kept up with the pace of his technique and the artist thus produced a large corpus of paintings. This lavish publication, which will mark the 400th anniversary from the master's birth, will be another outstanding contribution to all enthusiast of Maltese art and history.


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