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Nicola Grassi (1682-1748)

Treviso, 2019; cartonato, pp. 532, ill. b/n e col., tavv. b/n e col., cm 24x30.

prezzo di copertina: € 90.00

Nicola Grassi (1682-1748)

Costo totale: € 90.00 € 240.00 aggiungi al carrello carrello

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Carlo Dolci. Complete Catalogue of the Paintings

Testo Inglese.
Firenze, 2015; br., pp. 392, 100 ill. b/n, 186 ill. col., cm 24,5x28,5.

OMAGGIO (prezzo di copertina: € 150.00)

Carlo Dolci. Complete Catalogue of the Paintings


Rome as we roll it

Aracne Editrice

Testo Inglese.
Roma, 2014; br., pp. 224, cm 14x21.
(Esempi di Valore. 3).

collana: Esempi di Valore

ISBN: 88-548-7241-5 - EAN13: 9788854872417

Soggetto: Società e Tradizioni

Luoghi: Lazio,Roma

Testo in: testo in  inglese  

Peso: 0.53 kg

This story isn't a simple tale of a 22 years old Hungarian girl, who has tried to discover Rome. It's much more than that, because of a wheelchair, which works in this case as a particular accessory, or as strange chains which can become a sort of wings. A subject, which makes life more adventurous. Through these lines everybody can see how it is possible to be shaken up by cobblestones of Rome. The result of the half year long bouncing is this partly diary-like, partly informative guidebook, which will show that everything is possible with enthusiasm and ingenuity through a long, real and spiritual trip. It gives also exact information about how to do it with a wheelchair. It's also about the accessibility of parks, metros, night buses, restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, private flats, and public institutions. It's an advisor for a nice vacation and guides people how to live here their everydays efficiently and positively, with or without wheels.


€ 12.00

spedito in 2/3 sett.

design e realizzazione: Vincent Wolterbeek / analisi e programmazione: Rocco Barisci