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Giulio Cesare Procaccini. Life and works

Edited by D'Albo O. and Brigstocke H.
English Text.
Torino, 2020; bound, pp. 526, b/w ill., b/w and col. plates, cm 24x34.

cover price: € 90.00

Giulio Cesare Procaccini. Life and works

Total price: € 90.00 € 810.97 add to cart carrello

Books included in the offer:

Jacopo Bassano. Vol. 1: Jacopo Bassano. Scritti (1964-1995)

Edited by Romani V.
Padova, 1995; 2 vols., paperback in a case, pp. 850, 367 numbered b/w and col. ill., cm 25x34.
(Università di Padova. Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti Visive e della Musica. Pittura del Rinascimento nell'Italia Settentrionale. 2).

FREE (cover price: € 237.57)

Jacopo Bassano. Vol. 1: Jacopo Bassano. Scritti (1964-1995)

Jacopo Bassano. Tavole (1531-1568)

Edited by Ballarin A.
Padova, 1996; 3 vols., bound in a case, pp. 1412, ill., col. plates, cm 25x34.
(Università di Padova. Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti Visive e della Musica. Pittura del Rinascimento nell'Italia Settentrionale. 3).

FREE (cover price: € 483.40)

Jacopo Bassano. Tavole (1531-1568)


Boccioni. Opere inedite. Unpublished Works

Maretti Editore

Edited by Dambruoso Alberto.
Italian and English Text.
Falciano, 2022; hardback, pp. 96, col. ill., cm 24x28.

ISBN: 88-9397-063-5 - EAN13: 9788893970631

Subject: Monographs (Painting and Drawing)

Period: 1800-1960 (XIX-XX) Modern Period

Languages:  english, italian text   english, italian text  

Weight: 2 kg

More than one hundred years after his death - and almost six years after the publication of the general catalog edited by Maurizio Calvesi and this writer - Umberto Boccioni continues to surprise scholars and art enthusiasts. The unpublished works identified in the last five and a half years are forty-one, including oil paintings, paper drawings and a sculpture, which are added to the large corpus of known works to testify, once again, to the extraordinary productiveness over a career that lasted less than twenty years. [...] Thanks to the discovery of some preparatory drawings of already known paintings and, in one case, vice versa by tracking a drawing with a similar subject to an unpublished painting, the practice implemented by the artist is confirmed. A practice already evident in the numerous known drawings that can be compared to the oil paintings: Boccioni used to carry out various studies on paper - from the general compositional layout of the work to individual details - before picking up his brushes. [...] The discovery of some unpublished works done abroad (in addition to Brazil and Australia) as well as France, Germany and England suggest that a European collection of Boccioni works had already been started, following the circulation of his compositions were presented at the first solo and collective exhibitions of the Futurist group. The activity of the Futurists group outside of Italy from 1912 to 1915 was remarkable. Exhibitions were held in Paris (1912 and 1913), Berlin (1912 and 1913), London (1912 and 1914) as well as in Brussels (1912), Rotterdam (1913), Leipzig (1914), all the way to San Francisco (1915).



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