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Sebastiano Mazzoni. Catalogo ragionato

A cura di Binda A.
Soncino, 2019; br., pp. 400, 100 ill. b/n, 112 ill. col., cm 24,5x34,5.
(I Cardini).

prezzo di copertina: € n.d.

Sebastiano Mazzoni. Catalogo ragionato

Costo totale: € 220.00 € 624.90 aggiungi al carrello carrello

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Pittura di Ritratto a Roma. II Seicento

Roma, 2008; 3 voll., ril. in cofanetto, pp. 824, 1137 ill. b/n e col., cm 24,5x27,5.

OMAGGIO (prezzo di copertina: € 380.00)

Pittura di Ritratto a Roma. II Seicento

La buona cucina toscana

Firenze, 2010; ril., cm 20x27.

OMAGGIO (prezzo di copertina: € 24.90)

La buona cucina toscana


The Lost, Last Words of Mies van der Rohe. The Lohan Tapes from 1969

DOM Publishers

A cura di Fritz Neumeyer.
Testo Inglese.
Berlin, 2020; br., pp. 112, 70 ill. col., cm 21x23.

ISBN: 3-86922-767-2 - EAN13: 9783869227672

Testo in: testo in  inglese  

Peso: 0.5 kg

The German-American architect Dirk Lohan began to record his conversations with his grandfather Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the summer of 1969. The tapes, recorded during the final weeks of Mies's life, captured some of the architect's very last words. They were sent to the Mies van der Rohe Archive of the Museum of Modern Art in New York after his death, though they went missing under unknown circumstances. Only an incomplete typescript remains as a testimony to the conversations. The Lost, Last Words of Mies van der Rohe presents this text in its entirety for the very first time.
The conversations relayed in the typescript reveal the famously reticent Mies speaking about his own life with a level of detail, precision, and candour found nowhere else. They shed new light on Mies's character - not only as a serious, philosophical man but also as a human being alive to the humorous aspects of life. This book features a foreword by Dirk Lohan and an introductory essay by Fritz Neumeyer, one of the world's most eminent scholars on Mies. Neumeyer's commentary and analysis provide keen insights into how Mies developed his architectural thinking during his early career, on his way to becoming one of the most important modern architects of the twentieth century.


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